Because I have a few students who speak no English this year, I had the opportunity to use Google translate to help students understand the directions.  In particular, I have 4 Hebrew-speaking students who are learning English for the first time this year.  Here is how it looked – you should have seen the look on their faces when they FINALLY understood what was going on in class!  It made my heart SO happy!!Image


My hope is that this blog will add to the conversation of what makes a 21st Century Music Education for students and how teachers can create this environment.
After facilitating staff development for teachers the past 5 years, I am returning the classroom with lots of ideas – and even more questions – about what constitutes a 21st Century Music Education.  This blog will serve as  place to post my thoughts and questions. . . and hopefully to hear yours as well.

As a part of our professional development day tomorrow, a few of my fabulous colleagues will be highlighting some ways they use technology as a tool for teaching and learning. 

iPad apps:

– Explain Everything  as a tool for formative assessment

– Documenting Student Achievement Using Evernote

– Formative Assessment Using a Personal Response System (like students voters – except using iPads) – Apps = e-Clickers and Socrative

– Documenting Observational Data on Students using Confer

– Creating content using Strip Design, Lifecards and Puppet Pals


Other tech ideas:

– Documenting Student Learning with Individual Student Blogs


I am looking forward to figuring out how some of these apply specifically to the music classroom!