Create, Perform, Respond at the Center of Classroom Learning

Inspired by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and the visual created by the Minnesota State Arts Standards 2008 revision team, this visual is the center of classroom learning.  At least once per class, we refer to the visual to see how we are being musicians in that moment.  Are we creating, performing, or responding?  My goal is that we are doing all three each day – some days more emphasis is placed on one that the other.

This visual, created in collaboration with my colleague Douglas Beam (music teacher, inquiry-based thinker, composer, arranger, and fabulous human being), is the foundation of how we “frame” music learning in the music classrooms at the American Embassy School this year.

** Note: I would place read and notating in the “perform” process, not the respond.  However, the way the standards are written at this school right now place read and notate in the respond category.  Since I am a one-year teacher at this school, I agreed to go with their verbs and processes, as stated in their standards.



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